Britain 1971, the height of the Cold War. This dark story follows the Fletcher family in their final weeks before a nuclear war erupts between the West and USSR. Dennis Fletcher seems to be the only one paying attention to situation brewing between the superpowers of the world and no one else realises until it's too late. Will you survive?

Originally starting off as a college project  developed by one of our team members, this short experience is  heavily inspired by titles released by Telltale games. The game uses a unique art style & some colour theory to convey emotions, there is some unfinished elements within this prototype, it may get updated over time, it may not. 

Development log


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I don’t know what I played there but I enjoyed it! The pacing and storyline was quite interesting even though I probably doomed them all. I am actually quite sure that a somewhat better looking game page would divert some more traffic to this, because this is too weird not to be interesting (but those character images broke me, I gotta be honest :D). 

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10/10 it had Paranoid in it

Also it was a good idea for a game and was pretty fun to play

hahaha, glad you enjoyed the tunes 

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