New Game engine!

Hello everyone! After a while of planning it seems i am taking a new direction with Obscured by clouds. The game has a lot of potential of being a unique experience on a much larger scale than the current version on - The story is receiving a complete rework at the moment, the fletcher family's story will remain however i have now decided i want to tell multiple stories from different people experiencing the same events. Perhaps these stories will cross paths depending on the choices you make. Sadly this pushes the release date back as i will most likely be developing this by myself. Im very excited to create this new vision, by using Unity to develop it enables me  to make more creative-decisions such as voice acting and animations to create a more immersive experience.  I'm unsure if this will be released on Itch.Io or steam at the moment but that will be decided at a later date. I'd love to have some of you fine people play test the game at some point when it's ready. You'll hear back from me when i have some news on the day, See you all soon!

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