Update 1.0 in the works!

Hello everyone! 

After having a few people play the small project known as Obscured by clouds, Jordan (the dev behind the game) has decided to make some big changes, the idea for the game was serious but alter got filled with memes this was the result of it being a simple college project. However, hidden behind  the correct amount of adjustments  is  a foundation here for an enjoyable experience.  The entire game will be getting revamped with notable changes such as, new character pictures, new music, a variety of new sound effects & several bug fixes. There isn't a time frame on this at the moment as we are currently working on some other projects on the side but Jordan has expressed interest in creating more games similar to Obscured by clouds for Itch Io. 

We will post an announcement when Update 1.0 is close to releasing! 


- Frosty Rock team 


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Absolutely amazing, I'll be following your updates (and waiting patiently, 2022 is not the time to put stress on anyone).