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Welcome to Cinephobia, a horror game inspired by the classic PSX indie horror genre.

After arriving at the cinema, you quickly realize that something is off. The place is virtually empty, and there is an ominous feeling surrounding the building as you travel through the abandoned corridors. 

Be careful..  you may encounter something that your mind cannot comprehend.

With its atmospheric soundtrack and intense gameplay, Cinephobia is the perfect short game for fans of the PSX indie horror genre. 

Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?


Movement - WASD

Pause - "ESC" 


This project was created using AI, if you'd like to follow the process of how this was done I will be uploading a devlog shortly after this game has been released. 


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Development log


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I feel like this game needs work. I didn't know I had to collect food to start the event so I was wondering around lost for a good amount of time. It was really hard to see the icon. Also this game wasn't really scary at all. I was hoping for some jump scares with creepy noises or some things falling over by themselves. It is a interesting fact that the game was developed through the help of AI. But I felt like the game was really small and lacked the scare factor.

Hey! Awesome to see that you did a video on this, hands down the game is garbage. Totally agree. It was more of a test using AI to see what it could create. Definitely stick around for some of our upcoming projects! I'm sure you'll find those scarier. 


Love the game and the fact that it was made from AI


Very well done. I love the look and style of the game.


This caught our interest on how you made the game and it was a good experience. We poked fun but absolutely enjoyed it. Keep up the great work and don't stop creating! We would love to know more about the static monster.

It's an interesting game for sure. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


nice spooky


i enjoyed it thank you i wish i knew what to do